Pricing Plans

The exact price is based on working time of our professional team to run your order. We understand that transparency and fairness are important to you, which is why we have created a pricing system that reflects the complexity and scope of each project. Our hourly rate is calculated based on the total cost of running our business, including salaries, overheads, and other expenses. From there, we have created different pricing plans to suit the needs of each project including mini-, mid-, and super-projects. Our mini-project plan is perfect for simple projects, our mid-project for general and medium-sized projects, and super-project plan for complex projects. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our pricing structure, so we have outlined the scope of work and deliverables for each tier. When providing estimates, we will break down the costs by the hour and the estimated number of hours required for the project.


Working Time
Mini-project up to 10 hours $23 per hour
Mid-project up to 100 hours $21 per hour
>100 hours
$19 per hour


Once you placed your order, our professional team analyse your order and we will let you know the required time and total price of your requested service. Thank you for considering us and look forward to working with you and providing exceptional and professional service at a fair price.

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