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Manuscript Graphical Abstract

A graphical abstract is a visual summary of the main findings or key points of a research article. It is often used as a tool to attract readers to the article and provide a quick overview of the research. To prepare a graphical abstract, start by selecting the most important elements of the research that you want to highlight. This may include key findings, significant data, or important concepts. Then, create a visual representation of these elements using images, graphs, or diagrams. The graphical abstract should be visually appealing and easy to understand. It should be designed to capture the reader's attention and convey the main message of the research article in a concise and clear manner.



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A well-designed graphical abstract can be an effective tool for communicating the main findings of a research article and attracting readers to the publication. Therefore, when preparing a graphical abstract, it is important to follow the guidelines and requirements of the journal or publication where the article will be published. Some journals may have specific formatting requirements or size restrictions for graphical abstracts. 


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